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We help entrepreneurs like you get featured in magazines like Times, Entrepreneur, Inc, Success, Business Insider, etc. to scale their business leveraging their personal brands in less than 60 days. This is your chance to add credibility to your brand from companies with a combined reach of more than a quarter-billion people every month.

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Our mission is to make you the most sought-after person in your industry. Mentions & features in publications like Times Magazine give you instant credibility, increase your perceived value, and build rapport.

Our PR Packages:

– Attract more customers for your business
– Builds a lasting Personal brand that brings you constant leads and conversions
– Help you increase fees for your services or products.
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We want to make you the #1 Go-To authority in your niche. Our Unique done-for-you program helps you establish dominance in the marketplace without working hard.
We will:
– Write Compelling Stories for your Market Positioning
– Get you featured in Top Tier Publications like NY Times, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post alongside experts in your Niche. (Think of Gary Vee, Tony Robbins, et al.)
– Send Traffic to these Publications for More value to you
– Write More Stories and Publish in More Sources to establish your Authority
-More PR = Possible Blue Tick on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter
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Dr. Gary Epler

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4xi Consulting

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10% of profits goes to
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Thanks to clients like you, we have been able to sponsor children in need. 10% of our profits go to organizations like UNICEF. They helped save more children than any other organization by giving every child the chance to thrive

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